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Klingenberg Dekoramik GmbH

Our commitment – a sign of the utmost quality

Deutsche Fliese ('German Tile') is an initiative of 11 member companies belonging to Industrieverband Keramische Fliesen + Platten e.V. which highlights the strengths and advantages of high-quality products, as well as the services and achievements of the member companies. German-made tiles come in an enormously wide variety, and they have much to offer whatever application they are used for:

German tiles boast outstanding design and quality. The Deutsche Fliese has evolved into a lifestyle product which has been recognised by a series of famous accolades such as the red dot design award and the iF-design award. These tiles embody the very thing which people everywhere associate with the epithet “Made in Germany”: quality you can rely on. They also set international standards when it comes to dimensional accuracy. Calibrated tiles produced in Germany can be laid with a minimum of gaps, producing a modern and architecturally striking look.
German tiles are good for every application. Private housing and public buildings, facades and pools, wellness areas, bathrooms and terraces – the product ranges offered by German producers demonstrate remarkable qualities through and through. A wide variety of formats, finishes and patterns allow you to create upmarket walls and floors made perfect down to the finest detail by shaped parts such as stairway elements and plinth tiles. Modern or classic, elegant or rustic, cool or Mediterranean – every taste is catered for..
German tiles are made in an eco-friendly way using local clays in the very latest production facilities. They help you build healthily and they do not emit poisonous vapours. High environmental standards, short transport routes, high longevity, ease of cleaning – altogether they are a paragon of sustainability.
German tiles are ambassadors of Germany as an industrial location, and the local producers who have gathered together in the Deutsche Fliese quality initiative provide secure jobs in many regions of our country.

An initiative by:

Industrieverband Keramische Fliesen + Platten e.V.Fachverband Fliesen und Naturstein im Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes e. V.