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Klingenberg Dekoramik GmbH

More than 120 years of valuable experience
in the art of firing tiles

albertwerkeIf porcelain tiles leaves our factory, then only as a ceramic masterpiece – created for eternity and designed to exceed customers’ expectations.

Perfection is our quality promise which for more than a century has inspired us to greater and greater achievements, and kept us not only in fashion but at the cutting edge of fashion. We base this on traditional values and on our experience, which we hand down through the generations to our trained workers so that Klingenberg unglazed porcelain tiles remain a dependable professional solution in every conceivable area for many years to come. Shopping centres, production facilities, railway stations, industrial kitchens, office buildings and residential housing – in Germany and throughout the world – wherever floors need to look good, we are there with the right tiles, manufactured of course in compliance with the ultimate production standards.


Our seal of quality: ceramic perfection!

KERACleanWe never stop improving. KERAclean, our ceramic surface treatment, is an intelligent formula which makes unglazed porcelain tiles from Klingenberg Dekoramik even more flawless and easier to look after than they already are.

During the firing process, Klingenberg unglazed porcelain tiles are given the KERAclean ceramic surface treatment. This makes them extremely easy to clean and resistant to the formation of all kinds of stains, which can be removed easily from the tiles. Because of this, Klingenberg tiles stay as beautiful as they were on the first day, wherever they are used. That is not just convenient, economical and less time-consuming in upmarket properties where a respectable image is essential; it is also highly advantageous in high-use areas that are subject to intensive usage and strict safety regulations, such as industry.

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