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Klingenberg Dekoramik GmbH

Industry, commerce, home comforts – Klingenberg has the answer

Klingenberg Dekoramik specialises in the production of unglazed porcelain tiles which, because of their excellent resistance to pressure and wear, are recommended especially for use in technical and commercial areas. They are also resistant to acids, alkali, frost and so on, and there is virtually no limit to the number of ways in which they can be used.

As well as the standard thickness of 8.5 mm, we manufacture 12 and 14 mm thicknesses which are suitable for laying in high-load commercial and industrial areas. These tiles can be laid conventionally or using a vibration process.

A comprehensive range of textured and profiled surface finishes covers every need for non-slip flooring in working areas where there is a high risk of slipping, and in barefoot areas. Furthermore, with the introduction of modern techniques for the creation of aesthetic surface designs over recent years, our range has been broadened and made cutting-edge for use in the architecturally challenging environment of residential building and commercial applications.

With formats ranging from 15 x 15 to 60 x 60 cm (square), and from 15 x 60 to 50 x 100 cm (rectangle), and an attractive range of colours, complemented by a functional range of moulded parts, we can meet almost every need, both technically and aesthetically.

All of our tiles naturally fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 14411, and are extremely easy to clean and resistant to the formation of stains.


An overview of our tile ranges